3 Steps

The NES Equine 3 Step Program


Step 1

DETECT THE ORIGIN OF PROBLEMS WITH ProVision – anywhere, anytime

With the ProVision software you ́re able to make the invisible visible with one single click.

Within a few seconds you get a visual overview over the state of health. More than 150 results are shown on multiple screens along with physiologically accurate graphics:

  • SEE the physiology
  • SEE beyond the symptoms
  • SEE how the body is able to metabolize vitamins and minerals
  • SEE epigenetic problems caused by viruses, environmental toxins 
and emotional shocks.
  • SEE what supplements are necessary
  • SEE the mental state
  • SEE how horse and rider get well and stay well

The ideal treatment can be put together on this basis.

Remote Scanning

  • Scanning wherever & whenever
  • Report is sent to practitioner automatically
  • Treatment recommendation & resources can be sent directly

“Especially the possibility of using the remote scan any time and anywhere to scan, offers an incredible value for my clients and me. Within a few moments, I receive a detailed log, no matter whether my clients are just at the competition, during transport or in the stable.

I can provide them the appropriate recommendations for the treatment and the necessary resources.”

Dr. Rob Willis, Vetenarian, Nes EPS – Practitioner

Step 2


Powerful, medically certified, non-invasive and extensively clinically researched – That´s the miHealth device.

It incorporates the proven benefits of electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF).

The NES ProVision Software tells you exactly where to use the miHealth medical device.

The miHealth medical device is…

  • releasing energy blockages and acute pain for horse and rider.
  • delivering immediate relief and rejuvenation to the animal.
  • clearing pathways for a proper information flow through the body.
  • activating innate healing-power.

The miHealth medical device can be used daily without scanning the body with the ProVision Software.


Step 3

NES Infoceuticals

NES Infoceuticals consist of colloidal minerals (micro-organic trace elements), pure spring water and encoded information.

They interact directly on a cellular level to correct distortions and blockages caused by physical or mental problems, environmental or chemical toxins. They can also help with detoxification.

Infoceuticals are effective and easy to use. They ́re bottled under pharmaceutical conditions in FDA and GMP recognized factories.