The System

The NES Equine Performance System

Create a total state of health & wellbeing with only 3 steps:

2. RESOLVE the energetic blockages
3. SEND the necessary information to the body

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The NES Equine Performance System

At the same time the system recommends which elements in training, nutrition, husbandry or breeding should be changed, and which additional treatments are possible or necessary. The result is a state of total wellbeing and an astonishing increase in performance for both horse & rider.


Prevent chronic diseases and cure injuries much faster

With the NES Equine Performance System energy and information flow issues can be solved, so biological and chemical processes are able to work properly. The body gets reminded to cure diseases by its innate self-healing power.


Make the unseen seen – look behind the symptoms

For diagnosis of diseases we mostly have to rely on physical symptoms we can observe with the naked eye. Is the range of motion restricted? Is there a general decay of energy and performance? Is there a loss of appetite? Does the horse have a normal respiration rate and pulse? Is there any unusual discharge from mouth, nose or eyes? Does the coat look dull? Do horse or rider have physical or mental stress?…

Let´s uncover the true source of the illness by looking behind the symptoms with NES EPS.


An allround state of wellbeing and an astounding increase in performance

Blockages in the flow of energy and information can cause a deterioration of the health status for horse and rider, and consequently a loss of performance. Energy and information flow are not the only important elements for an optimum state of health – ethical treatment, medical care, food, physical activity and many more factors contribute to an all-round state of wellbeing.

The NES Equine Performance System contributes to a noticeable reduction of healing time for horse and rider. We ́re just a part of the big picture, but definitely a very important one!

The body is a miraculous self-healer, but only if energy and information flow are working properly and the body gets the right energy sources. With ProVisison you can make the unseen seen, identify problems and stimulate the innate healing reaction of horse and rider.

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We ́re just a part of the big picture, but definitely a very important one!

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